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CSGT Total Fax

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Dedicated Fax Number.
Web Based Faxing & Management.
Send & Receive Faxes by eMail.
Price Includes one-time $2.00 Number Assignment Fee.
Recurring monthly charge is $9.35 / month, plus $0.06 cents per minute used.
If you have included the optional Fax Machine Adapter, the price includes a one-time $145 purchase/shipping expense.

CSGT Total Fax

Internet Fax Service For Business, Professional and Home

With CSGT Total Fax, you can send and receive faxes WITHOUT A TRADITIONAL COPPER PHONE LINE!  You can even keep using your old fax machine!

The 'CSGT Total Fax'  plan starts with all the things you would expect from an Internet Fax solution, including a dedicated fax number, a web page interface for sending / receiving / viewing and managing your faxes, and a simple effective email to fax ability.

But it doesn't stop there. CSGT Total Fax includes support for the optional Analog Fax Adapter that lets you use your standard fax machine or multifunction printer/fax device reliably over the internet without a phone line!  It turns your old “Flintstone Fax” machine into a network enabled fax juggernaut!   Don't be fooled by other providers who suggest using unreliable T.38 fax adapters. Insist on the CSGT Total Fax Analog Fax Adapter for reliable Fax Machine use over the internet every time!

When you include the Total Fax Analog fax Adapter, it works seamlessly with the web and email based portions of the service.  Inbound faxes can appear in the fax receive tray of your traditional fax machine, while at the same time being emailed to you as a backup, or for soft copy document storage. Outbound faxes sent by your fax machine appear in the web based fax manager.  CSGT Total Fax means Total Convenience.

Extremely Cost Effective

CSGT Total Fax does not require you to pay for service you don’t need or use. Other vendors ‘bundle’ a certain number of fax pages with their service; you pay for them even if you don’t use them. With CSGT Total Fax you pay only for what you use.

You start with a fax number maintenance fee of $9.35 /month.  Then, you will be charged 6 cents per minute used while receiving or sending faxes, metered in 6 second increments. 

There is a one-time number assignment fee of $2.00 for each phone number assigned to your account. Because of this, your first months Fax Number Fee will be $11.35, and then continues at $9.35 / month thereafter.

Thats it. No fancy plans, no hard to understand billing practices, no smoke-and-mirrors and no surprises.

CSGT Total Fax  - Features and Options

The features listed below are included in the CSGT Total Fax system.  Together, they give you a completely paperless fax environment usable by web interface, or email.  “Paperless faxes” may easily be printed to your local printer if a hard copy is desired.

A Dedicated Fax Number                                                        Cost:  $9.35 / Month

We will provide you a local number from your own area code, or any other area code in the United States. Canadian numbers are also available.  Or, you may wish to get a toll free number to make it less costly for your customers and clients to fax you.

Web Based Send and Receive Fax System                             Cost: Included Free

Access to a clean, easy to use web based interface that allows you to send, and receive faxes, manage fax contact numbers, and even create and manage your fax cover page. You have access to your fax services from almost any computer connected to the internet. 

It works with many smart phone browsers too!  You can fax from your cellphone!

Ability to Send and Receive Faxes via eMail                            Cost:  Included Free

Use your email to send faxes simply by attaching the documents that you wish to fax to an email.  Your received faxes can also be sent to you via email. 

The optional Analog Fax Adapter (below) turns almost any fax or multifunction printer/fax into a reliable network enabled fax juggernaut. The adapter works together with the CSGT Total Fax service and allows you to use your fax machine just as if it were connected to an old fashioned phone line. 

Analog Fax Adapter (Optional)                                                    Cost: No Monthly or Per Page Charge
                                                                                                      One Time Purchase Expense     $110 + Shipping 

Turn your fax machine into a high-speed low-drag internet based fax system.  Keep that super simple fax workflow, while enjoying all the benefits of modern fax technologies - and the low cost of faxing by Internet. (Requires internet connection.)  Under 5 minutes to install - zero configuration!

Special Features & Abilities

Your current fax number can be kept, and transferred to CSGT Total Fax service.  Your faxing partners won't even have to learn a new phone number for your fax machine! Local Number Porting (LNP) means you never have to leave your favorite phone number behind. There may be a service charge for the LNP.
The optional Anaolg Fax Adapter can support up to TWO FAX MACHINES simultaneously.  If you have two Fax Machines operating at your location, you still only need one fax adapter to run them both.  Each Fax Machine has its own dedicated phone number.
Discuss these options with your CSGT representative.