CSG DataPump Off-Site Storage Plans

CSG DataPump Off-Site Storage Plans

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Monthly Subscription.Backed by Amazon Cloud Services.
Requires CSG DataPump Client License.
Electronic Delivery.

CSG DataPump Off-Site Storage Plans

Because even the best on-site Backups can't save you from fire, flood, or valdals.

Even the best ’local’ backup solution can’t protect you from situations like fire, flood, civil unrest or zombies, which might damage or destroy both the backed-up computer AND the Local backup storage device. For these situations, the only solution is off-site storage. (Backup storage at a different physical location.)

CSG DataPump provides the option of activating Cloud-Based off-site storage for any, or all of your backed up data.  Best of all, the CSG DataPump client is tightly integrated with the off site Cloud Servers - so it just works like its supposed to without any user involvement at all.

By adding a DataPump Off-Site Storage Plan to your backup system, CSG DataPump will automatically make Off-site copies of your selected data