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CSG DataPump

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Local Backup System Software
Subscription Term: One Year
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CSG DataPump

Monitored/ Managed Backup Service

If you have ever suffered through a computer equipment failure that caused a loss of business data – you already know you never want that to happen again. Data loss is a terrible blow to any business and can cause hours, days or even weeks of unproductive down time.

One of the BEST and EASIEST ways to prevent data loss in the event of equipment failure, or even theft, is to have valid, complete backups of each computer in your company. 

“Best Practices” for a backup strategy demand that each computer be backed up to a location other than itself every day – and that can add up to LOTS of space.  It’s also considered very important for the backup storage device to have its own redundancy built in – so that a simple hard disk failure at the wrong time doesn’t prevent you from having a valid backup when the unthinkable happens. All CSG Network Attached Storage (NAS)  devices include this redundancy.

Enhanced ‘Bare Metal’ Client—$55 / year per machine

The “bare metal” client has all the same abilities as the standard client, but, it is capable of restoring a complete computer and its Windows operating system in the event of a serious/cataclysmic data loss on your computer. The Bare-Metal backup option assures the least amount of down time in the event of catestrophic computer failure.

Basic Standard Client— $45 / year per machine

The standard client supports backing up everything from a single file, to everything on the computer. Supports versioning of backup data so you can have a virtually unlimited number of different versions of your data backed up in the event you need to revert to previous versions.  It has a completely automatic schedule which can run silently in the background.  In cases of severe data loss on your computer, it may be necessary to have Windows and applications reinstalled before a restore of your data can be accomplished.

Optional Offsite Storage Plans are Available

Even the best ’local’ backup solution can’t protect you from situations like fire, flood, civil unrest or zombies, which might damage or destroy both the backed-up computer AND the Local backup storage device. For these situations, the only solution is off-site storage. (Backup storage at a different physical location.) 

CSG DataPump provides the option of activating Cloud-Based off-site storage for any, or all of your backed up data.  Best of all, the CSG DataPump client is tightly integrated with the off site Cloud Servers - so it just works like its supposed to without any user involvement at all.

By adding a DataPump Off-Site Storage Plan to your backup system, CSG DataPump will automatically make Off-site copies of your selected data.  (See optional off-site plans.)