Threatware Protection - Special Offer - 1 Week Only

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Offer expires 12/22/2015

For a limited time - take advantage of the lowest price of the year on
CSG Managed / Monitored Antivirus / Anti Threatware systems and save up to 52%

Nothing strikes fear and loathing into the hearts and minds of computer users like the sudden realization that our computers have become infested with Malware - software designed to destroy your work, hostage your valuable data, and generally ruin everything you have worked so hard to achieve.

It will never happen to me!  (Will it?....)

Lots of people have said that, right up until they see their own data being gobbled up by some rouge thieving program that has muscled its way onto our computers, networks, or tablet devices.  But when (not if) it happens to you, you'll want to know that your threatware protection is up to date, running the latest versions, and as ready as can be to tackle the challenge.  That's why you want CSG's Monitored AntiVirus and Content Filter Solution protecting you day in and day out.  (Read more about why having a monitored threatware solution is so important to your overall protection, and about our product designed to conquer that problem here.)

Thrifty & Smart

Saving money is always a good idea. Saving money by compromising your safety - is not such a good idea. 
Every computer in your home, office or business should have valid commercially available threatware protection installed, kept constantly up to date,  and working at all times. Anyone who doesn't is playing with fire and a lit match, and it just doesn't get any simpler than that.
Good for any Group - Family,  Club, Business, or Professional Offices are all perfect places to install safety and security; Perfect Places for CSG's AVG CloudCare threatware systems.  And for a limited time, just look at the saving you can have!  

The Deal - Lowest Price of the Entire Year

If you purchase before December 22nd, you get three years of full subscription protection - for the price of two years.  That's right - you get 33% more protection for the same cost! What's not to like?  Here's another holiday bonus - if your clan, club, business or profession is a large group - you WIN again!  The more licenses you need, the greater the discount, so get the team together, and do a head count.   Then pick up the phone and call CSG right away - because you can't order this special price package online in our shop.

What are you waiting for?  Get protection today for the next three years at the lowest price of the year!  Call us (760) 494-1154.