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Hello and Welcome to Collective Solutions Group

Sit a spell, and let's chat about technology.

Hello and welcome back to the newly redesigned CSG web site.  It’s been some time in coming – and the content you’ll find here today will be augmented continuously moving forward.  Augmented in ways we hope both our clients, and casual passers-by may find useful, interesting, and possible mildly entertaining.

Over the years, we at CSG have worked together to deliver a broad array of technological solutions to Businesses and Professionals in industries from accounting and medical arts,  to manufacturing, and product distribution, and have been actively involved in support of Automotive Collision Repair since 2000.

And it’s not just technology that we work with – but the human resources that make up your organization as well.  Experience has taught us that all business and professional offices share certain core concerns such as secure access to company resources on a need to have basis, protection against threat ware and identity theft ware, and many others.  While all businesses share many needs in common, they also have unique, specialized needs, and workflows which contribute to the very essence of who they are – and how they do business.  Most established companies have ingrained, even cherished ways of doing business. Manual, or high time-investment behaviors that have been handed down through generations of industry specific experts that achieve known predicable successful outcomes. 

Yet oftentimes, technology affords us opportunities to test new ways of reaching those goals. Ways that that take less time, have less opportunity for error, often times provide more process feedback information, and may even produce better results than some of our time honored methods.  For this reason, CSG will encourage you to work with us to rethink procedures, and methods that might be better served with new ways supported by new technologies.  Of course, as our great-grandparents would say, we should never throw the baby out with the bathwater!  A blending of time proven methods, and the careful application of "new-ways" can yield some amazing results.

Whether you’re a company of 3 people, a business of 25 hardworking souls, or a firm of 75 or more employees, its likely that you share some common needs with others, but otherwise, your needs are unique. It’s about time you have a technology partner who understands that.

Collective Solutions Group was started some 15 years ago based on one simple idea.  Small and medium sized businesses, professionals, and other organizations deserve the same access to technology advancements and solutions as the gigantic firms have.  They deserve to receive quality technical services and consultation that puts their needs ahead of any vendors’ agenda.

That being said, from time to time you will see topics here that relate to various products or services that we directly sell.  Ok, you got us – we are capitalists, and we sell things.  The products and services we choose to offer however are far from random.  With each product or service we may offer directly, we believe that something unusual, or especially worthy or useful is present. In short, it’s a product or service we are excited about for the value it brings to those who use it. Rest assured, when it comes to evaluating products and services for your use, the things we sell directly are offered only alongside other solutions, and only when appropriate.  CSG guarantees: We have no agenda but your safety, and satisfaction with our solutions.

CSG believes when you own your own infrastructure, it should meet your needs, through and through.  If it doesn’t, then its needs our attention. 

Check out our connectivity page – and think about the various opportunities discussed that could improve your work flows, reduce time and expense of literally every action you take, and make your staff and yourself more accessible to customers, but in a more controlled and structured way. 

And as always, feel free to contact us by email or telephone to discuss anything you see on our web site that’s of interest.  We're pretty easy to talk to -