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Technical Field Services

CSG technicians understand that you depend on your computers and network to get your work done. CSG stays “on the job”, and keeps you informed, until the problems get solved. 

UpDate & UpKeep Agreements (SM)

The CSG Update and Upkeep Agreement (the  Up & Up Agreement) provides for advice, service and support of system and software updates; Virus definition updates, application upgrades, and continuing upkeep of existing hardware that all happens on a regular schedule and at a substantial discount.

Customers protected by CSG Up & Up Agreements also enjoy priority scheduling for all service requests, and promised response within 24 business hours of service request. 

Remember - there is no long term contract.  Cancel any month without penalty of any kind! 

Don’t let your computer maintenance needs stack up!

   It's like having your own in-house service technician.


Industrial Strength Data Protection

CSG MailCleaner uses as many as OR more than 60 separate tests to keep SPAM and Malware completely out of your in box!

Avast Business CouldCare protects your computers and devices from the Wild World of the Internet - Remotely Monitored and Managed by expert CSG technicians for your peace of mind. 

CSG DataPump Monitored / Managed Backups

One of the BEST and EASIEST ways to prevent data loss in the event of equipment failure, or even theft, is to have valid, complete backups of each computer in your company. 

“Best Practices” for a backup strategy demand that each computer be backed up to a location other than itself every day – and CSG DataPump is ready with the ability to make your backups to both local resources, and the Amazon Backed Cloud Storage.  And Best of all, your backups are monitored regularly to make sure they are working as intended.

Unique Technical Products

From Modern Time & Attendance systems to Special Right-Sized Microsoft Servers Systems, CSG has the technologies that will lift your workflows to new heights of efficiency.

Have you always wanted a safe, easy and professional way to provide  internet to your clients while they await your services?  CSG has your perfect solution!

Is your company big enough to need and want a true server for the office, but still too small  to be able to afford a full time server guru?  NOT A PROBLEM!  CSG specializes in introducing smaller firms to the amazing benefits of Microsoft Server systems with the CSG Small Business Essentials Package  based on WIndows Server Essentials!

Are you being driven crazy by unauthorized employee ineternet use?  Are you exposed to law suits from employees who may be exposed to "HR PENALTY" internet content being viewed by others in your office? CSG can put a STOP to that with cost effecitve systems that put YOU back in the internet driver seat.   You decide what parts of the internet are available!

CSG specializes in working in co-operation with your existing vendors, support providers and I.T. personnel to optimize the efficiency of your user’s workflow.  CSG can stop the “finger-pointing” when vendors can’t agree on where problem responsibility lies!